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QMidi 2.8.4

Shareware (free to try) - Mac OS X 10.9 - Fully compatible with MacOS Catalina.

QMidi is the ultimate multimedia karaoke player for the Macintosh. It can organize and play many types of media files, including movies and .CDG files, and allows easy text and chords editing/synchronization. It features real time pitch shifting, time stretching and the ability to display karaoke and movie content in full screen mode, even on a second monitor.

QMidi has an intuitive user interface, which you will be able to use immediately. You can quickly make playlists of your favorite songs and play them sequentially. You can also use the library to organize your files similarly to iTunes.

QMidi key features

  • Supports any audio/video format supported by MacOS Core Audio or AVFramework, MIDI formats 0 and 1.
  • Native support for FLAC files.
  • Plays MIDI karaoke, MP3 ID3 lyrics, .CDG files, movie karaoke.
  • External text and chords display/edit/synchronization/merge.
  • Multi-page PDF files display and synchronization.
  • LRC and LRC+ file support and export. ChordPro file export.
  • Time stretch, pitch transpose, chord transpose with the ability to export changes.
  • Text karaoke and CDG to movie conversion.
  • Music library and playlist documents.
  • Supports many foreign text encodings.
  • Karaoke text formatting with custom background image.
  • Remote transport using MIDI messages and AppleScript.
  • MIDI mixer, GS effects.
  • Supports MacOS Core MIDI devices and Apple DLS Music Device (SoundFonts).
  • Italian and French localizations.

QMidi Pro additional features

  • Play audio/video and MIDI in sync. See this feature in action.
  • MTC (MIDI Time code) sync.
  • Crossfade your MIDI, audio and video files.
  • Metronome with precount and user specified audio channel output.
  • Ability to manually preload the next song.

QMidi is a shareware product. This means, you may copy it freely and try it out thoroughly. As soon as you decide to use the program, you are requested to register it. Thanks for your support!

New with 2.8.4 - Released on Oct 8 2019

  • Mac OS Catalina (10.15) ready!

NB: Under Mac OS Catalina, there is no option to convert videos that use outdated formats.

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Screen shot 2 (dark mode)
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MidiKit 4.3.1

Shareware (free to try) - Mac OS X 10.9 - Fully compatible with MacOS Mojave.

MidiKit is a MIDI file browser/editor and batch processor. The browser quickly displays the most significant information about MIDI files. The editor allows native SMF editing with unlimited undo/redo capacity. Finally, MidiKit allows you to apply several operations on your MIDI files by batch processing entire disks at a time!

Unregistered version has no other limitations than the annoying request at startup. If you use it, please register!

New in Release 4.3.1 - Released on Jul 15, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed renaming mid <--> kar in sandboxed app.
  • Roland sysex checksum now computed correctly when editing sysex data.
  • Removed unhandled tabs from browser window.
  • Other bug fixes.

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Screen shot 2 (dark mode)
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MusicDeviceHost v1.0

OS X v10.8 or later required.

This application is a host for music devices audio units. Music devices are specialized OS X audio units that generate sounds in response to some control protocol (MIDI in our case), like virtual synthesizers.

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universal binary

ITMTouchBridge v1.0.1

ITMTouchBridge is a touch screen driver for the Macintosh.

It doesn't require an installer: just copy it inside your applications folder and run it. Choose "ITMTouchBridge Help" from the help menu for more details.

ITMTouchBridge has been successfully tested with the Flatron L1730SF LG monitor running on OS X v10.4.11 and v10.5.6 and v10.6.2. It is currently compatible with the ITM touch screen USB controller used by LG and some other manufacturers.

NB: This product is discontinued.

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This software is distributed as donationware: Donate here

universal binary

MIDI Importer 1.0

Freeware - Mac OS X 10.4 - PPC/Intel Macs

MIDI Importer is a Spotlight metadata importer. Once installed, it will enable Spotlight to index and search the text (typically lyrics) embedded inside your MIDI files. MIDI Import supports several lyrics formats, including M-Live lyrics, which are stored as System Exclusive messages.

NB: Starting with Mac OS X 10.5, a MIDI importer is provided by Apple. If you are not concerned about Tiger compatibility and/or M-Live lyrics indexing, you don't need to install this software!

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